Robert Kiyosaki, Founder of Rich Dad- is it a truly fascinating story?

Robert Kiyosaki, the person who is best known for being the Founder of Rich Dad Poor Dad. It is one of the number #1 personalized finance books. Robert Kiyosaki changed and challenged millions of people globally regarding his thoughts about money. 

Who is Robert Kiyosaki?

He is an educator, entrepreneur, and investor who believes that globally we need more entrepreneurs to create jobs. 

With his perspective on investing money, which usually contradicts layman wisdom, Robert Kiyosaki earned a global reputation for his irreverence, straight talk, and courage. He has become an outspoken and passionate advocate for his financial education.

Robert spent his early years in the small town of Hawaii. He then started college at Kings point Merchant Marine Academy within Newyork. After graduation, he turned down a fantastic job at Standard Oils and enlisted in the Marine Corps as a helicopter pilot.

After his military service, Robert Kiyosaki went to Xerox Corporation for work. There, his Rich Dad informed him that the success key for any business is its sales. He was the number #1 salesperson in Xerox. He then began with the Rippers Company along with his brother to market Velcro and nylon surfer wallet.  

He studied and met R. Buckminster, a visionary, futurist, inventor, humanitarian, and architect. This person had a significant influence on Robert Kiyosaki’s life and positively impacted his life.

In 1996, Robert Kiyosaki and his wife Kim launched the Cashflow board game to invest and have fun while entertainingly earning money. 

In today’s world, both the board game and Rich Dad company are popular than ever before. Other than this, Robert Kiyosaki, Founder of Rich Dad, is also the author of twenty-seven books, including two Donald Trump books before becoming the US president.

Robert Kiyosaki is also a featured guest in several media outlets worldwide. He is the host of the Rich Dad Radio Show podcast, a life-long student, and a fantastic world-renowned speaker. 

Why is Robert Kiyosaki famous?

Robert is heralded as a perfect visionary who has an inborn gift to simplify complicated concepts or ideas related to investment, money, finance, or economics. Robert Kiyosaki discussed his journey to financial freedom using ways that resonated with a targeted audience of different backgrounds and ages. He shares his point of view regarding the past concept of going to the school, getting yourself a job, saving money, coming out of debt, investing for the long term, and then diversify has now been obsolete advice in today’s digital, fast-paced and challenging world. 

Robert Kiyosaki- Rich Dad’s philosophies and concepts challenge all status quo. His teachings result in people’s encouragement, to begin with, the initiative of being financially free and financially educated.  

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